West Central Ohio Chambers of Commerce “Wage, Salary & Benefits Survey”

We all want and need to know what is happening with employee wages and benefits in order to stay competitive. With this in mind, your Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce, along with other West Central Ohio Chambers of Commerce are participating in the 2020 Wage, Salary & Benefits survey.

The opportunity to participate is offered to members and non-members. Those businesses who fully complete the survey will be provided with the results at no cost.

The survey, started over 25 years ago and includes 11 Chambers of Commerce and associations which make up the West Central Ohio Chambers region, collects wage information covering 154 different job types in 18 different job fields, from skilled trades to executives, from production to medical, from public to private sector and service to non-profits for organizations both large and small.

All information that is received will remain confidential and the survey is fully compliant with the Antitrust Safety Zone statements issued by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

The survey, located by visiting chamberwagesurvey.com, will allow you to stop and resume the entry of data at any time. The deadline to complete is Friday, July 31.

Please contact the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce at 937-773-2765

with any questions.