Business Person of the Year

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Dear Chamber Members:
We need your help in determining the Business Person of the Year for 2018.
We hope you can bring to our attention possible candidates worthy of receiving this prestigious award. Listed below is the criteria established for determining the Business of Person the Year:
• This person should be a member of the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce.
• Their business must be located within the 45356 zip code.
• This person should be actively involved with the enhancement of the City of Piqua - includes their business, community and/or the Chamber of Commerce.
• This person should be active in the betterment of the business community.
• This person should be recognized as a leader in the community.
• This person should be successful in their chosen profession.

Please complete the information below and return this form to the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce by Friday, November 30, 2018 with a letter of nomination (minimum two page) addressing the criteria specified.

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Past Recipients

1989 Steve Gilliam
1990 Dorrell Polhamus
1991 Larry Quigley
1992 Elmer Harris
1993 David Anderson
1994 Mark Bercot
1995 Jim & Becky Shepard
1996 Gloria Rigola
1997 Paul Sherry
1998 Peggy Henthorn
1999 Lloyd Fry

2000 Jim Brown
2001 Henry Ernst
2002 Dave & Mimi Crawford
2003 Michael & Susan Yannucci
2004 Bob Jackson
2005 L. Edward Fry
2006 Benjamin Scott, Jr.
2007 Michael A. Cox
2008 Greg D. Blankenship
2009 John A. Brown
2010 Scott & Gail Reardon

2011 Lynn Sever
2012 Daniel P. French
2013 William Palmer
2014 R. Douglas Haines
2015 Jeff Hemm
2016 Brett Baumeister
2017 Jeanie Jordan-Bates




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