2024 Mills/Bogart Brothers Scholarship

The Mills Brothers began their career in 1925 as “Four Boys and a Guitar.” Their parents, John H. and Ethel M. Mills moved to Piqua in 1908-09. The “Four Boys” got their professional start with the local Greenamyer Orchestra. Their first record was cut in 1927 and during the next fifty years, the group cut over 1,246 records. The Mills Brothers’ biggest hits included “Tiger Rag,” “Glow Worm” and “Bye Bye Blackbird.”

Similarly, the Bogart Brothers began their careers locally with their starring roles on the Lehman Catholic High School stage. They are the sons of Kathy and Bob Bogart of Houston, Ohio. Matt, Daniel and Dominic received the Mills Brothers Scholarship and have pursued careers in professional music performing in various roles on stage around the country. Kevin chose not to pursue a career in the arts. He plays guitar as a hobby and for various musical productions.

  • This scholarship(s) is intended to be presented to a resident of the City of Piqua who is currently a high school senior or currently attending an accredited college, music school or other post-high school institution. The student is required to have resided in the 45356-zip code upon high school graduation. Also, the student must show that he or she will be or is pursuing music, music education or the performing arts field of study.
  • The scholarship(s) may be renewed, but not more than four times. The committee intends to grant a scholarship(s) each year; however, if the committee determines there are no qualified candidates, the scholarship(s) will not be granted.
  • Students shall complete the application form provided by the Scholarship Committee.
  • A Selection Committee appointed by the Chairperson of the Mills/Bogart Brothers Scholarship Committee will select the scholarship recipient. The Selection Committee will review all the scholarship student’s qualifications, applications, academic transcripts and essays. The Selection Committee will also conduct an oral interview. The Selection Committee reserves the right to limit the number of oral interviews.
  • The Selection Committee shall have the authority to select an area student from Lehman, Piqua, or other local high schools, as long as he or she is currently or was upon graduation living within the 45356-zip code and who shall meet the following requirements:
  • Course of Study – To assist students who are pursuing courses in music, music education, or the performing arts must demonstrate an interest and involvement in music, music education or the performing arts.
  • Academic Achievement/Extracurricular – To qualify, a student must have achieved as least a “B” average or equivalent. The student must show evidence of academic achievement in all course work, and excellence and involvement in extracurricular activities with the emphasis on musical and performing arts activities. Applicants must submit a copy of applicable grade reports and a resumé with the application.
  • Essay – All students will submit a one-page typewritten, single-spaced essay clearly stating their future plans in college or school and what part music or the performing arts will have in their future. The student should explain why he or she should be selected for this scholarship.
  • Need – Cost of the educational program selected by the student and his or her ability to pay may be considered but will be the last consideration by the committee in making selection of the scholarship.
  • The scholarship will be made jointly to the student and his or her school of choice and given to the student. After jointly endorsing the check, the student should make sure the funds are credited to his or her appropriate school tuition account.

Applications and Letters of Recommendation must be received by the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce, 326 N. Main St., P.O. Box 1142, Piqua, Ohio 45356 by 4:00pm on March 31, 2023.

Download the 2024 Scholarship Application