Order of George Lifetime Civic Achievement Award

Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce

Order of George

Lifetime Civic Achievement Award

The Order of George Lifetime Civic Achievement Awardis Piqua’s highest and most prestigious community recognition award. It is presented annually by the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce to honor an individual who exemplifies the best in volunteer and community service.

The criteria for selection are as follows:

    • The nominee must be living in the greater Piqua area or spend a significant portion of his/her time in greater Piqua (i.e. volunteering, work, etc.)

    • The nominee must have contributed extensively of their time and talents in promoting and enhancing the quality of life in the greater Piqua area.

    • The nominee must have demonstrated extensive and diverse participation, leadership and support in public and/or private civic endeavors over a significant period of years.

    • The nominee’s volunteer participation must be without regard to personal or professional gain.

    • The nominee is a positive role model in the community and/or in his/her profession.

    • There shall be no Chamber of Commerce membership requirements for the selection of a nominee.

    • The selections are made without regard to race, color, creed, gender, age or national origin.


Fill out this nomination form as complete and detailed as possible, including all significant information concerning the nominee with as many years/dates as possible. Limit the organizational/campaign accomplishments to those for which the nominee was primarily responsible and actively involved.

Submit a letter of nomination describing why you feel the nominee should receive the Order of George Civic Achievement Award. Seek two individuals to write letters of recommendation supporting your nomination.

Submit a resume of the nominee’s activities of not more than two (2) typewritten pages.

Return the completed nomination form, with attachments, on or before 5:00 pm, November 29, 2018 to the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Stein at (937) 773- 2765.

The winner of the PACC Order of George Lifetime Civic Achievement Award will be announced at the PACC Annual Dinner in January 2019.

For the application to be accepted, it must follow the samples attached:

Click here for a sample application and resume

Home Address:
Place of Business (if Applicable):
Nominated By:*

Please attach a list of accomplishments below.


It is best to gather as much detailed information as possible. Consult with family members, co-workers, organization leadership or even the local history department of our local library.

List each organization in the order of importance to the nominee. Begin the application listing the organization for which the nominee has accomplished the most. Continue in descending order.

List the activities/accomplishments for one organization in the same section. Number each activity etc. separately and number them in order of its importance. Use as much space per organization as necessary.


Civic Organization / Campaign/ Activity ABCD Organization of Piqua

Years Participated: 1982 to present

Position(s) Held: President of Board of Directors and many others

Major Accomplishments: List activities in order of importance…those impacting the organization the most.
John Doe led the Program for seven years performing virtually every function.

1. As President he assessed a need and created the Help a Neighbor Project and led the committee as they developed the criteria and guidelines. This program was adopted by the State organization bringing recognition to this area. 78 families were assisted by the third year of this venture. It continues to grow by 10% each year

2. In 1998 he was Treasurer of the Capital Campaign raising needed funds to build the storage shed which houses the equipment needed for the Organization of Piqua’s "It’s a Great Project". Nearly
2000 sq. ft. storage was built in the rear of the property. John raised the $25,000 needed and organized all of the volunteer labor. This saves the organization $10,000 in storage rental fees per year.

3. Membership Doubled in size while he chaired that committee and volunteer recruitment increased by 50 new volunteers in 2 years. Nearly 13,000 volunteer hours are now given to this organization annually.

4. He has served on the board, numerous committees and also provided leadership on the National level.

Civic Organization/Campaign/Activity: Keeping Good Health Center

Years Participated: 1998 to present

Position(s) Held: Board of Directors, Scholarship Chair Volunteer, Constitution Revision Chair

Major Accomplishments: List activities in order of importance…those impacting the organization the most.

1. John’s major activity with this Center has been with the development of the Scholarship Fund. This program touches the lives of 80 at risk children per year. Funds are distributed to children in need of needed fees for whatever it is we are supporting. All aspects of this project have been developed by his committee and administered by John personally. This organization does not have paid staff. Nearly 10 hours is spent with each child after the selection is made. Those visits are coordinated by John as he assigns other committee members. John meets with nearly 50% of them himself.

2. The much needed Constitutional revision was chaired by John. He led the group, consulted with local attorneys and the state and national organization and presented this document to the Board. This work puts the organization in good standing nationally. In fact, this document is being used as a model for other centers.

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Please attach a resume of the nominee's activities of not more than 2 pages

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For the application to be accepted, it must follow the attached samples attached to back of the nomination form and must be typed.

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